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What is 3D modeling? In this article we intend to give a complete answer to this general question. 3D modeling means simulating or reconstructing the model by computer and design software based on a specific proportion and similar to the real project (in terms of form, technique and function).

In simpler language, What is 3D modeling means a method of producing and creating 3D objects and models. 3D modeling in computer graphics dimensions means creating a mathematical model of the surface of any type of object created by 3D design software related to your field.

What is 3D modeling

The output of the 3D model design software is called. In other words, 3D modeling allows the user to create their various projects by computer prior to construction and production in the real world.


Now let’s briefly explain the history of What is 3D modeling:

What is 3D modeling History of 3D modeling

The first use of computer graphics was in the early 1960s for scientific and engineering purposes, and the artistic expression of CGI began in the late 1960s. The first commercial solid modeling program called Syntha Vision was released and became available in 1969.

It took 20 years for 3D designers and engineers to use NURBS and parametric modeling with the advent of Pro/ENGINEER.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, 3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D model using relevant software. There are different types of 3D modeling, here we will introduce some categories of 3D modeling:

Curve modeling

Curve modeling is one of the three-dimensional modeling types used to create surface geometries based on the geometry of curves.


The curves are driven by mathematical equations that are influenced by the designer using weighted control points. One of the most important technologies in curve modeling is the NURBS technology.

Code-oriented modeling

This area of ​​3D modeling is one of the growing areas in the 3D modeling industry. This type of modeling is ideal for 3D printing because it can be used to produce 3D structures that cannot be produced through other methods.

3D modeling industry applications

3D modeling has wide applications in various industries and branches, here are some examples of them:

Entertainment and film industry

The best known and widely used branch of 3D modeling is the animation, film, and video game industry.


Models produced by 3D design software in these industries have reached a level of photorealism that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from real models.

fashion industry

In today’s world, designers in the fashion and apparel industry still use pen and paper for their designs, but the use of What is 3D modeling software makes the design process faster and more accurate.

In addition, 3D modeling can make life easier for clothing buyers through virtual pro.


3D modeling by 3D design software has made the process of construction and construction drawings easier.

Designers can produce their own models and share them with other designers by simulating their designers in 3D design software without the need to make mockups.

Engineers can also use simulation tools to perform various tests before beginning the build process.


What is 3D modeling 2

3D industrial design

Industrial modeling for What is 3D modeling software of innovative and creative forms is a wonderful tool for 3D modeling in the industry.

In general, industrial modeling is a complex process and something difficult because all the necessary elements for 3D modeling must be taken into account, and then proceed to the solid modeling of the piece.

The design and modeling software has found its place in various industries. From the aviation, automotive industries, naval and military construction to the design and production of furniture, many different industries are currently using 3D modeling software to design their products, and there are many software that are specialized to design and simulate specific products.

3D models

3D models are a set of points in the 3D space that create a physical or body object that connects a set of these bodies using different geometries. 3D models can be divided into two general categories:

1-SOLID: This category of 3D models shows the volume of objects and parts, and this type of solid 3D models are mainly used in engineering and medicine.


2-Shell: This type of 3D models shows the surface of the objects in such a way that 3D models show as a thin layer. This type of 3D models is mainly used in the animation and cinema industry.

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What is 3D modeling software

In the world of 3D modeling and design, one of the most important parts of What is 3D modeling is the 3D design, which is modeled using 3D design software related to each field.

Autodesk Maya What is 3D modeling software
Yashtar was widely used in the creation of characters, environments, skeletons and animation.

host. Maya, this software was first launched by the company View Front, which was bought by Autodesk in 2005 (the company that produces What is 3D modeling and animation software, including 3DS Max and Autocad), and the new versions of Maya were They call Autodesk Maya. . ) They were launched to the market.

Maya is one of the most advanced animation and animated animation software, which is widely used in film studios, animation and computer games industry.

Of course, Maya’s strength is in its modeling tools, and large companies use this function more.

Nerbz technology used in this animation study helps in the optimal design of natural objects such as grass, plants, hair, etc.

Many films, including the Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Avatar, Hugo, Pacific Rim, Transformers, Jurassic Park, the Hobbit and the series set of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc. and many animations like Ice Age, Monster Factory. , Range, Frozen and thousands of films, series, animations and computer games around the world owe a large part of their production steps to the existence of software called Maya.

Among the characteristics of this software is its flexibility and customization capacity that allows professional users to easily change their environment to their liking.

Maya is an integral software that is divided into different sections, each section is responsible for editing and creating one of the animation creation stages, and minimizes the need for the additional software user. In addition, another unique feature is the possibility of developing this software for its users.

3DS Max Modeling Software

Previously called 3D Studio Max, it is a professional 3D computer graphics program that is used to create animations, models, games and 3D images.

What is 3D modeling 3
What is 3D modeling 3

This software is developed and published by Autodesk Media and Entertainment Company. 3DS Max is regularly used by video game developers, many commercial television studios, and architectural rendering studios.

This program is also used in film special effects and early movie viewing.

plus modeling and animation tools, the latest version of 3DS Max, shading features (such as ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering), dynamic simulation, radiosity (radiocity is a rendering technology that realistically simulates how light interacts with an environment) Particle System: When you want to model an object or artifact, you create particle systems, which can best be described as large collections of similar objects that behave in similar ways.

Notable examples of such effects include rain and snow, but other similar examples include water, smoke, ants, and even crowds of people, creation and rendering, normal mapping (a technique for simulating the lighting of bumps and troughs), global illumination, a customizable user interface Includes its own custom scripting language and Python language.

This software is capable of modeling NURBS and PATH.

BLENDER Design software and

Blender software is a compact software with extremely high performance, so if you have complete mastery of this software, you can easily perform activities related to Blender capabilities such as rendering, modeling, digital sculpting, rigging, animation, 3D drawing , Designing public sleeping places , Texture and Materials, Smoke and Fire Simulations, Liquids, Clothing, Hair and Hard Objects, Particle System, Video Editing and Motion Graphics and Composite in this powerful software.

Creating some effects and special effects, such as creating and animating liquids in Blender software, is easier and faster than other What is 3D modeling software.

One of the notable advantages of Blender is its low volume and, as a result, high speed of execution and fast usage, which minimizes Blender’s need for powerful hardware, and thus the speed of Blender is acceptable on systems with moderate hardware power.

All modeling tools are included in Blender, which, due to its size and speed, has made Blender a popular software among modelers who are familiar with this software in the field of modeling.

In the field of special effects, the most famous film project made by Blender is Spider Man 2, which according to the style of the Spider Man movie series and the professional special effects in the collection of these movies, we can understand the power from Blender. until a certain point.

Download Blender software from the main website: Download Blender software

SKETCHUP What is 3D modeling and design software
It is a 3D modeling computer program that has various applications including architecture, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design.

SketchUp software is currently owned by Trimble Navigation, a navigation, surveying, and mapping equipment company. SketchUp software has the ability to drag layers and can render surfaces in different styles.

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