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Everything you want from a 3D printing service

Submit your ideas to us!
Design the idea you have in mind for making the product, or if you wish, you can submit your idea to us for design and conversion into a CAD file. The team of professional 3D house design designers offers you the best 3D design services in order to protect the interests of the customer.

Compare the quality of our 3D printing!
3d house design, having the most up-to-date 3d printing technology, makes prototypes and final parts you want. It should be noted that the use of this modern technology will save your dear ones time and money. You can call for advice.

Delivery service at the customer’s request!
After making and finalizing the 3D printed part, you can pick up the part in person for delivery, or if you request and for your convenience, 3d house design can send the product by mail all over the world. . The choice of delivery method will be done according to your wishes.

Reducing cost and time against quality and productivity
3d house design aims to familiarize you with the effectiveness of the prototype by prototyping your prototype at a very low cost and in a limited amount of time. Also, 3D printing of the mother sample mold for making silicone molds can greatly help you in these two aspects (cost and time).

An overview of 3D printing:
If we want to briefly define 3D printing, this technology is a series of sequential processes in which materials are connected to each other in a controlled manner. Usually, this work is done by placing successive layers of raw materials in the form of incremental construction. Today, the use of 3D printing has become so widespread that this technology can be considered effective in the growth and development of industries and even small businesses. The expansion of the scope of 3D printing has gone even further and has opened its place to scientific and academic centers. We are ready to provide 3D printing services to you dear ones.

3D printing services

1. investigation
Before implementation, we need to thoroughly research your needs

2. Expand your idea
We will help you develop your ideas

3. Design and construction
We design your idea and make it with 3D printing

4. Editing and delivery
If you wish, we can pay for the final piece and we will deliver a polished piece to you

We are with you all the time providing 3D printing services so that you can have a higher quality final product.

Wide range of 3D printing services
consultation and guidance :
The most important service that our team can provide to you, dear ones who trusted us, is consultation with experts and professionals in this field. Before taking any action, you can share your idea with our consultants for feasibility and ask them for advice in this regard. The consulting team will help you from the idea stage to the finalization of your product. We are with you in providing 3D printing services from the first step so that you finally get a high-quality product with many details. Our research and development department can evaluate your work to a great extent and help you have a higher quality final product.

Accurate and fast design and modeling:
Having experience and skills in the field of 3D design is very necessary to make a 3D printed part; Because you have to pay attention to very small and sensitive points when designing. Among the important points, we can mention the thickness of the walls in the design, if you consider the thickness of your design to be less than 0.8 mm, this design will not be applicable, or if your part has sensitive and complex details, this should be The details should be applied so carefully in the design that it can be implemented during the 3D printing. Not considering this issue will cause you to lose money and time. Another thing that you should pay attention to in the design is the protruding parts and related angles. Also, the designers of our team can design your idea in the shortest possible time and with all the details, which is in line with the provision of our 3D printing services.

3D printing services after product production
After manufacturing, the 3D printed part may need to pay for work, which is a service of the 3D house design team to provide the best quality product. If the final product has pleats or excess grooves, we will finish the part in the best possible way by using the simples method, manual and machine sanding, or putty.

Sometimes it is necessary to paint the piece during the manufacturing process. We paint with a brush or a gun (to prevent bubbles) and we offer the above services to our dear customers with the best possible quality compared to other competitors.

You can contact us for more information about the 3D printing service package and other services of the 3D house design team and the amount of costs.

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