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Home Design 3D is an excellent and powerful software in the field of designing and creating a 3D house plan, which you can use to create your desired designs.

This software provides you with the required tools and by using these tools you can easily create the 3D designs you want.

Also, we have mentioned the free 3D house design software. You can easily create all the parts you want in 3D.

The ability to place predetermined decorations is included in the Home Design 3D program for users, and you can easily choose the decoration you want and place it in the place you want.

In the following, we will talk about 41 free 3D home design software, stay with us.

3D house design online software

Today, if everything is digital and software, why not 3D home design and interior decoration? Today, even a beginner interior designer or interior decorator uses free 3D building design software. These softwares are also used for designing in other fields, including 3D home designs.3D designer in Spanish Diseñador 3d is.

When you can see the project very natural and close to reality before implementing an interior decoration and have the right to choose between different designs before the cost we considered, why take the risk and the final output of the work? Can I see the decoration after the performance? Therefore, it is completely reasonable and cost-effective to first implement the ideas and plans that may be in our own minds or the ideas suggested by the interior design contractor as a concept plan that is implemented with the help of free 3D home design software. to make Let’s see, then proceed with the cost and construction.

best 3d home design software free

Compared to the traditional methods of manual design (design as well as redesign), the use of this simple 3D home design software is very common, and it has gradually become a state that it is possible to order without seeing the home designs 3d or home decoration. Does not exist.

design your own house online free 3d

Design your dream house with software 3d home design and build your dream house

The transition from 2D to 3D is opening up new areas and possibilities in the digital world. After all, recreating the world on a computer, just the way we see it is a big deal. 3d modeling software house design makes this task easier

In simpler language, 3d plan house means a method of producing and creating 3D objects and models. free 3d modeling software for home design in computer graphics dimensions means creating a mathematical model of the surface of any type of object created by free 3d design software for house plans related to your field.

What is 3D modeling?

With 3d modeling house software we indicate a process to define any three-dimensional shape.

3d modeling software house design we indicate a process aimed at defining any three-dimensional shape in a virtual space generated on a computer; these objects, called 3D models, are made using particular software programs, called 3D modelers, or more generally 3D software. This term is used in computer science, and is distinguished from other types of three-dimensional modeling, such as traditional sculpture.

3d design for home

Idea, design, construction

In the first stage, the home plan 3d starts from the idea, and the designers, with expert consultation with the employers, start the initial idea for the 3d design for house, and after completing the 2D design stages, the 3D modeling stage begins.

home design 3d houses This is how it is done And 3d house modeling through 3d home design software is done.

best 3d home design software

home design 3d Examples of interior and exterior design as well as landscaping

We will design for you everything you have thought of in your dreams so that you can enjoy the design you wanted for your home or office forever.

The current technologies of today in the skilled hands of our 3D graphics and multimedia experts will allow you to immerse yourself in environments completely or partially reconstructed on the computer using 3D software.

The use of 3D technology is widely used in the fields of engineering, architecture, industrial design and packaging, thus opening extremely vast scenarios to graphic creation, thus overcoming barriers of space and animation that are difficult to achieve in reality.

In the field of design, information technology, CAD systems and numerical control processes now give us the opportunity to achieve important final results with a fair speed and above all high precision. With the help of 3D surface modeling programs, we can create the mathematics of the component under study which are essential for the future creation of prototypes and production molds.

3d house animation software

home design 3d It is done by that 3D house modeling is also done by 3D home design software, which can be done with free 3D home design software or 3d house builder online by people familiar with 3D home design software or even home design 3d app is done. 3d home decor app It can also be used for interior decoration design

Designing a cultural complex with the concept of a spatial communication bridge, taking advantage of green space and special and different

Designing a special residential villa with a site area of 1000 meters with a special spatial landscape design respecting the topography of the land

Designing a residential complex with a sloping roof along with landscape design and designing suitable amenities for the residents of this residential complex

How do we design a 3D building?


  • Building production research and strategy
  • Building research and development
  • Redesign of existing buildings


  • Brainstorm ideas and initial studies of the building
  • Sketching and ideation with a production strategy approach
  • Digital sketching of the final idea or ideas

Modeling with engineering software

  • Modeling with engineering software
  • Preparation of detailed technical drawings for construction and production
  • Rendering, construction of building advertising animate and teaser

Prototyping and production consulting

  • Building prototyping with up-to-date methods
  • Design and idea of types of samples for building
  • Monitoring and implementation of the process

free software for drawing house plans

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3D home design has been able to put various examples of projects in its work resume within 2 years. Click to view portfolio.

There are various free 3D home design software for 3D designs in the rendering and animation industry. 3D home design has collected a collection of free design software and put it for free for you dear ones. One of the best 3D software is planner 5d software.

3D home design articles

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3D home design allows you to model it with the help of 3D design software and find and fix all kinds of problems before you start building your house.

You can easily design and implement all kinds of buildings in 3D with the help of 3D home design and decoration design software.

In the following section, we have shared all kinds of software related to 3D building house design for you dear ones.

There are different software for home 3d designs that we can use to output 3D home designs in rendering systems.

With the help of architecture and free 3d design software for house plans, you can easily design all kinds of 3d model house and solve their problems in the shortest possible time.

Our team uses 3D software for house 3D design: Rhino 3D, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Revit, Sketchup, Lumion, Archicad, Blender, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Modo, Houdini, etc. Uses.

With one of the free 3d design software for house plans, you can easily start modeling the 3D house plan and implement it with the help of 3D printers.

Yes, the various free 3d home remodeling software introduced in the section below can be installed on mobile phones and you can continue designing online and offline with the help of your phone.

best program to design a house

best 3d home design software free is one of the world’s new technologies and methods for presenting and drawing different objects. 3D home design in today’s world, means the process of using software to create and draw a mathematical representation of an object or shape in 3D. The created object can be called a 3d model.

Usually, home designs 3d are used using computerized design. 3D home design has different uses in different industries. One of its most important uses is the use of 3D design house in architecture, which helps to display and share the idea of ​​a designer or architect.

By using 3D home design, you can show the object made in the designer’s mind. 3D home design as a profession and industry in the world can show your ideas of an architectural design or decoration before implementation with the lowest cost. The first step to get enough knowledge about anything is to know its uses, advantages and disadvantages.

best free 3d home design software

First, we will discuss the 3d design software house in general. Because this type of design is not only limited to the field of architecture and construction, and this subject includes different fields and areas. Today, one of the most important and main reasons that has caused many people to seek The use of 3D designs is a very special function of this method. Among its most important and obvious uses, the following can be mentioned:

  • Use in movies
  • Use in catalog design
  • Use in billboard design
  • Use in animations
  • Use in games
  • Use in interior design and architecture
  • Use in advertising
  • Use in the display of gold and jewelry
  • Use in the medical industry

As you can see, the use of 3D designs in various subjects is very high. You can also use 3D designs to introduce and advertise your products and services.

3D building design along with free consultation, 3D modeling services in Tehran and presentation of work samples by 3D Home Design Engineering Company.

Considering the features and capacities of this design, it is not surprising that it has such a wide application in the discussion of architecture and construction. By using this method, you can make a great impression on the customer and present your design in the best way.

best program to design a house

Now we want to specifically address the role of 3D design in the design of a structure such as a building. The design of buildings has always been a very precise task and requires a high level of experience and knowledge of the designer.

But it must be said that since the emergence of house plan 3d design software free, 3D design has undergone many changes. About its origin, it can be said that 3d design house plan appeared for the first time in 3D paintings. For the first time in history in 1533, Hans Holbein was able to depict a very strange painting (by inventing three-dimensional design) and expose it to the public.

At that time, no one was familiar with 3D space and therefore his designs were not well received. Later, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology and technology, we saw 3D drawings and designs in different parts of the world and in various industries, which have enjoyed a very interesting support from the public and the main field for 3D designs in the fields of provided different

Currently, there is a wide scope for flexibility and representation of the designer’s and customer’s idea in the design at every stage of the work, and that is the use of 3D design, which is a very useful approach to doing the work.

3D design of the building, to choose the type of material, lighting and even different parts of the plan, 3D provides a powerful tool to employers and architect designers.

Thus, by using 3d modeling house software, many projects can be completed according to the wishes of designers and customers, with less work and faster and more effective results. Creating a virtual design provides the customer with an even more accurate representation of what is to be built, without any ambiguity.

In addition, while the old versions of these softwares used to take several hours for a rendering, the newer versions are much faster and more accurate and are used as a complete tool for implementing projects and have various features and They have a lot to show the project in the best possible way.

best 3d home design software free

3D design in general has various advantages, and in this article we discuss its advantages separately in each field of application. The three-dimensional design of the building has many advantages, including the possibility of correcting any type of error for the designer, the possibility of using pre-made objects, and also preventing repetitive actions in design and construction, and in general, saving a lot of money. It’s time

With these words, we conclude that today the 3D design of the building is considered a very useful and popular method that you can benefit from its benefits by spending a minimum of time and money compared to other methods. The best way to understand and feel a design in today’s modern world is to see it in a 3D view.

Instead of trying to create a new plan in your imagination and see in your mind whether, for example, the distance between the entrance door and the 3D kitchen design is suitable or not, the 3D design of the building allows you to know before starting any work related to the construction operation. and drawing, walk in the house you want and what you have in mind and easily add or subtract parts if needed.

best 3d home design software, AutoCAD: This commercial software was created around 1982 and was recognized by many designers as the gold standard and is currently available on Windows and Mac systems.

best free 3d house modeling software, SketchUp: is a 3D software for designers who have enough experience in 3D modeling. SketchUp is a software for architectural engineering and is often used for architectural visualization, interior design, and construction engineering. This software can also be used for Windows and Mac operating systems.

best house architecture software, Revit: This software has the ability to design and register plans. It intelligently applies elements such as walls, doors and windows to the design. It is possible to design floor plans, elevations, sections, 3D perspectives and graphic images.

best free 3d house modeling software

When you talk about design in architecture, you definitely think of interior design, or in other words, the interior decoration of the structure. It should be said that yes, interior design is also of high importance and of course 3D design is also used in it.

The design and decoration of the interior of houses can be considered one of the most important parts of the construction of residential houses all over the world. In fact, this part of design is a subset of architecture and drawing, in which the architect designs a special and pleasant space and uses the interior space in the best possible way according to the construction rules and aesthetic factors. The c of interior decoration is the most important part of the employer’s budgeting for the project.

Decoration and interior decoration of the house includes the design and arrangement of the interior environment of the structure, as well as the design and lighting of the building. As it was said, nowadays many softwares have been designed for this purpose so that it can be used to give the employer a better view of the structure.

For example, before the construction of the cabinets and closets of the building and even the internal walls, especially the separating walls, you can get a three-dimensional plan of the design and color of the desired material with such programs, and if approved by the employer or Compliance with the customer’s taste, brought to the implementation stage. This type of design allows the employer to fully master the created designs before starting work.

best 3d home design software free

Why should we use 3D design in the interior?

Because with 3D design, it is possible not only to design interior areas and exterior design, but it is also possible to easily determine the arrangement of appliances in different spaces.

In general, by using this interior decoration design method, you can show the overall design of different spaces such as office, residential and commercial spaces in a partial and general form with a home design 3d and change the details if needed and design improve the

According to architecture, house 3d design software of interior decoration in architecture can be considered as a combination of art and craft in building construction. As you know and it was mentioned, optimizing the internal environment of the structure for simple operation is one of the inevitable necessities in architecture and decoration.

Therefore, the interior design should be done in such a way that in addition to continuous operation during use, there is also the ability to repair and replace it.

The use of 3d design home software gives your production plan a more tangible and understandable form, and we suggest you to keep up with your competitors and keep up with the progress of technology and the world’s technologies by using this correctly and appropriately. Design Type Give your projects a different design and color. Use 3d design for home to attract customers and present your mental plan and ideas in the field of architecture more easily and accurately.

free 3d building design design and free 3d modeling software for home design has a great place in architecture and civil engineering. Therefore, it helps in the advancement of architectural and construction projects and also in solving any possible problems in such projects. In the 3D design of the building, to choose the type of material, lighting and even different parts of the plan, 3D provides a powerful tool to employers and architects. According to this, 3d home design Group is ready to provide services in the field of 3d architectural house plans, civil engineering, facade design, as well as powerful computer and software systems in this field.

View the result of the project before the completion of the project and spend additional costs

The three-dimensional design of the building has many advantages, including the possibility of correcting errors to the designer, the possibility of using pre-made objects, and also prevents repetitive actions. In general, it saves a lot of time. Today, the 3d design house plan of the building is considered a very useful and popular method that makes things easier in many cases and you can use its benefits in a minimum time and at a lower cost than other methods.

Why do we need 3D design?

When you want to renovate or change the decoration of your house or apartment, the 3D design of the building will help you save money and achieve exactly what you expect at the end of the renovation process.

As someone who wants to change the decoration of your home, never pay for what you have not seen before the start of the renovation. Before starting demolition and renovation, make sure that your remodeling project will go as you expect and envisioned in your mind.

For a better understanding of this issue, you can see examples of 3D building design in the link below.

best home design 3d

Today, the best way to understand and feel a design is to see it in a 3D view. Instead of trying to create a new plan in your imagination and see in your mind whether, for example, the distance between the bathroom door and the kitchen is suitable or not, the 3D design of the building allows you to see the house before starting any work. Take a walk with your opinion and what you have in mind. Add or subtract parts if needed.

for example: best house plan software

Do you want to see the living room with red windows? no problem. Do you want to see the view from the 3D bedroom design window? Change your mind at all and see your rooms without windows, or any minor or general changes you want, here you can do whatever you have in mind.

Choosing a professional team, guaranteeing work results

3d design home of the building is a quick and efficient way to see each part of the house before it is built and thus reduce the cost of renovations. When a designer architect prepares a 3D plan for you, you can start your work knowing what you will have at the end of the work.

best home design 3d software

You need to choose a professional and expert team in this field with full knowledge. 3d home design Group, with a brilliant history in the field of interior design and 3D design, can be a right choice for the implementation of your plan.

In order to get advice in the field of 3D building design, you can get guidance from 3d home design team experts; For this, you only need to enter your contact number in the field below so that the experts of the 3D designer team will contact you as soon as possible.

best house plan software

If you are interested in the 3D design of strange houses, in this section we will introduce you to a design that has abandoned the limited requests of customers and designed buildings that are more similar than possible! You will definitely be surprised to see his pictures!!! But the story of this architect is as follows:

After closing my business I can finally create impossible buildings without clients limiting my imagination.

This collection of images is the result of a long trip for 7 years to countries such as Latvia, Israel and Germany. The story begins in the summer of 2006, a very important date in my life; Because after 2 years of deep thinking, I finally decided to leave my job as an independent 3D architectural illustrator; A job that occupied me for more than a decade.

The job was very well paid, I had a lot of clients and a good track record in Barcelona (I still have), but in the last period the projects were getting a bit repetitive and boring. I found that I lost the motivation to do it altogether. Even I hated 3D architectural visualization.

So I started this long journey with a small amount of money in my pockets saved from my recently closed business, but no clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do with my life. One good thing about long trips is that one has a lot of time to oneself, so I believe one has to keep a game mind in order to learn as much as possible from that ultimate insight.

So I tried, and one of the most important conclusions was the fact that I couldn’t stay away from the 3D architectural illustration that I hated. On the contrary, I like it much more than I ever expected. The real problem was working for clients.

It was the reason I decided to work for myself and try to make a living out of whatever the hell I could think of, without any personal or environmental limitations. The result is a steadily growing collection of images that I’ve rounded up in a collection called City Pictures, depicting buildings that for some reason were important to me during my long journey. After the buildings were photographed, they were digitally manipulated to achieve an alternate form, and that’s what I’ve done so far. I hope you enjoy them. In the end, express your opinion about the 3D design of strange houses.

Interior design or interior design, or in a better definition, home interior decoration design, is actually the first and perhaps the most important part of building decoration design or renovation. Interior design is a subset of architectural knowledge in which architects and designers design based on scientific and aesthetic criteria. For example, Neufert’s architectural engineering information book is the main reference for interior and architectural designers.

In order to implement the engineering of a building, we need 4 types of engineering plans:

  1. architectural plan
  2. structure plan
  3. plan of electrical facilities
  4. plan of mechanical facilities

The architectural plan from the time of handing over the land to its implementation includes 3 different phases as follows: 1- Phase zero architecture plan: In this phase, the initial studies on the land include the geotechnical conditions of the soil, the location of the building and the location of the faults and how to destroy the old building. Takes. In fact, the architectural plan of phase zero is responsible for the preliminary studies of the project.

2- Architectural phase one plan

In this phase, the initial architectural plan is drawn by engineers and after consulting with the employer and recording feedback and comments, we modify the plan. After reaching a common result according to the initial plan, the price of project implementation can be estimated. Also, to obtain the relevant permits from the municipality, the architectural plans of phase one must be completed.

Also, after the completion of this stage, the architectural plans are sent to the electrical engineer to prepare the plan of the electrical facilities, to the mechanical engineer to design the plans of the mechanical facilities, and to the civil engineer to design the structural plans.

3- Architectural plan of phase two

This phase of architectural plans must be in full compliance with structural, mechanical and electrical plans. In fact, the second phase of the architectural plans is completed plans with dimensions and executive sizes and all sections and materials used in the building, which are entrusted to the contractor for execution.

Due to the importance of interior design in newly built buildings and the increasing level of public taste, the need for decoration design is felt more than before in construction projects. Therefore, the interior design of construction projects has become an inseparable principle in the construction of any structure.

Since the middle of the 20th century, interior design has been introduced in the world seriously and as an academic knowledge in the world according to the needs of the building’s residents and with the formation of the American Association of Interior Designers (ASID).

According to the definition of the American Association of Interior Designers, an interior designer is a person who designs the interior space of a building according to needs and with high performance and efficiency with scientific education and academic expertise.

In Iran, in the early 1970s, the science of interior design in the form of educational courses in Iran took on an academic flavor. Of course, still in Iran, interior design is under the category of architectural engineering, and architect engineers are master of the principles of interior design of buildings.

Interior design is a coordinated set of architectural plans, layout and furniture and decorative elements, and the task of the interior designer is to design the layout plan and decorative elements according to the needs of the residents with architectural engineering standards.

One of the main architectural engineering references in the field of interior design is Neufert Architects Data book, whose Persian translation is also available in Iran. This book is actually the most important reference for architect engineers to design architectural plans in the world.

The dimensions and standards in this book must be followed exactly in construction projects so that the best design can be done.

The interior design engineer first performs the interior design by means of the criteria and standards as well as the needs of the residents by means of drawing software or by hand. Basic and manual drawings in the science of architectural engineering are called Esquisse.

Sketch is a French word meaning a draft. After the initial sketches and initial visualization of the design, the design engineer implements the architectural plans in 3D design software.

In most of the interior design software, various types of furniture and home equipment are available in a scaled form so that the designer’s thoughts are open in the layout of the home.

For example, in the design of kitchen decoration, the dimensions and size of the kitchen cabinet units are available according to the scale of the plan in the software, and the designer can design the best plan and placement for the kitchen equipment by placing the units in such a way that the functional triangle The kitchen should be strictly followed according to engineering principles.

All household items, including furniture, bathroom and toilet equipment, bed, dining table, and even audio and video equipment are scaled and ready in the software, which is called an object or component. can be Ready-made objects in design software have the ability to be colored and materialized, which is one of the most important features of interior design when rendering 3D design.

3d design home free rendering is a stage that the designer uses after implementing the plans and determining the color and material to show the output of the software to the employer in the form of a photo or animation video.

The difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator: as explained, interior design is an engineering science and a specialized knowledge, and in fact, an interior designer must master a set of building standards such as plumbing and electrical wiring of a building.

The interior designer should design the decoration by knowing the available materials in the market as well as the way of implementation and its dimensions and sizes. In some situations, the interior decorator usually comments on the arrangement and coloring and the materials of the building.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the employer uses an interior decorator instead of an interior designerSometimes, implementation problems arise during construction. In the case of a new building, it is better to use an interior designer with experience and familiar with the rules and regulations of the national building of Iran.

Otherwise, the owner may face problems at the end of the work. Regarding the renovation of the building, you can use a decorator who is familiar with 3D design software, of course, provided that the renovation of the building is not fundamental and only to the extent of the design and interior decoration, you can renovate and renovate the building.

The complete coordination between the components of the building, in addition to its efficiency and beauty, and its fit with the employer’s budget, is actually the main art of the designer. Interior design is not just choosing the material and presenting it to the client, but interior design means choosing the material according to the cost that the customer wants to spend.

In scientific terms, this process is called value engineering. In fact, interior design is the most important part of the employer’s budgeting for the project.

best free 3d house modeling software

Home interior decoration or house design includes building architecture design, decoration arrangement and lighting. In order for the employer to have a better view of the plan that is going to be implemented, nowadays all kinds of 3D simulator software makes available an accurate and expressive picture of what is going to be implemented.

For example, for the construction of kitchen cabinets, a 3D design is made according to the design, color, and material chosen by the employer before execution. This 3D design allows the employer to fully master the space of the drawers and the type of openings before starting work.

Also, accurate price estimation is done by using 3d design house free very accurately and prevents differences between the employer and the contractor after the work is completed.

Each part of the building can be designed specifically or in harmony with other parts. For example, in home decoration design, only landscaping can be done or only three-dimensional design of bathroom decoration can be done.

It is also possible to design only the arrangement of household items. Also, interior decoration design can generally include office interior design or partially, for example, include office waiting room interior design. Interior Design is a combination of art and industry. Optimizing the interior space of the building for simple operation is an inevitable necessity in interior design. Also, the internal design should be done in such a way that in addition to continuous operation during use, it can be easily repaired and replaced.

The definition of house design may include a range of three-dimensional design of the facade of the building and the architecture of the building to the complexity of the three-dimensional design of the industrial hall or the design of the shed, or the subtle components including the design of the kenaf or even the color of the parquet. Maybe people who have spent a lot of money on buying appliances, but due to the lack of compliance with the principles of interior architecture and home decoration, they have not had a good result in luxuriating their home design.

Therefore, it can be said that the quality of interior design and implementation (home design) has a direct effect on the daily activities of a person on the one hand, and on the other hand, it affects a person’s personality and interactions with other people. Based on this, the goal of interior design and interior decoration of the house is to increase the efficiency of the physical and mental performance of people in the environment to make life easier in it.

The architectural space cannot be used in any way without considering the principles of interior design and interior decoration of the house, or if it is usable, it will not have the necessary and optimal efficiency. For example, basic interior design can even include the type of opening and double-paned window system so that the client has complete control over what will be built. According to the definitions of architectural engineering, 15 interior design styles are as follows:

1- Modern interior design style

In the early 20th century and with the beginning of modern art and modernism style in human societies, modern interior design expanded rapidly. The main feature of modern interior design is the use of bright spaces and open architectural plans, as well as the use of straight lines and avoiding curved lines in furniture and decorative elements. Home decoration design using new materials and neutral color palette as well as the combination of white and gray is one of the main features of modern design. Not using luxury furniture and using kenaf instead of plastering the ceiling is one of the most important differences between modern design and classic design.

In modern interior design, a combination of metal and fabric is usually used for furniture, and wood and building stone are used as little as possible. Furniture and arrangement in modern home decoration should be minimally prepared and any luxurious furniture should be avoided, especially with golden tones. The decoration of the walls should be simple and away from any plaster frame. In such cases, kenaf can be used to cover the wall. Kenaf is very suitable for wall implementation due to its variety of design and flexibility in implementation. Currently, the style of modern home interior design has become very popular in Iran.

2-Mid-century interior design style

this style of home decoration design in the middle of the 20th century and after the Second World War and in the middle of the economic crisis quickly became one of the most popular Design styles have changed. A modern but at the same time cheap and traditional look is abundantly seen in this style. Currently, the use of this style is seen in few places except for the decoration of coffee shops or restaurants. One of the main features of home decoration In the modern style of the mid-twentieth century, we can refer to open plans and less use of separating walls.

3- Minimal interior design style

The design of minimalist interior design is derived from minimalist art in the 60s and 70s. In terms of home interior design, this style, like modern design style, avoids any confusion and complexity in home decoration. Simplicity in design as well as bright and open space are the main features of minimalist style in home interior design.

4- Contemporary interior design style

The main feature of contemporary interior design style is to be dynamic and move with time. In fact, the contemporary style is constantly changing over time. In some situations, contemporary interior design may be considered the same as modern interior design, but these two styles are different from each other. In modern interior design, the designer uses straight lines and cubic geometric shapes, while in contemporary interior design, the designer designs more freely and implements his design with the passage of time and new materials.

5- Traditional interior design style

Traditional interior design style is one of the most popular types of interior design because of its comfort and relaxation. The use of large and comfortable sofas, Louis VI style furniture and Persian carpets are among the most important features of traditional style. The traditional style in home decoration design has gradually given way to modern interior design due to the busy layout, but it still has its fans.

6- Transitional interior design style

Transitional style home decoration design is actually the middle of modern design and traditional design. Transitional decoration design can be called the most popular style in Iranian home decoration design. In most Iranian homes, there is a fusion of tradition and modernity. One of the main features of this style is the combination of modern decorative elements and traditional furniture such as carpets.

7- Rustic interior design style

sincere and warm design is one of the main features of this style of home decoration design. The use of natural decorative elements such as wood and stone and the absence of modern furniture in the layout design. Rustic style space should be away from luxury and any flashy elements.

8- French interior design style (French interior design style)

French style design is actually the design of home decoration in a luxurious and glamorous style. Golden and blue colors are usually used in the design of decorative elements. Also, luxurious and expensive furniture is one of the features of interior design in French style.

9- Shabby chic interior design style

Shabby chic home decoration design is a combination of old French houses and classic interior design, which became one of the most popular in California in the mid-80s and early 90s. Interior design styles have changed. Among the features of Shabi-chic interior decoration, we can mention plaster frames on the walls and simple and non-luxurious furniture. The combination of gold and white colors is used in shabby chic decoration as well as French mirrors.

10- Coastal interior design style

This design style is usually used in coastal cities and for designing villas. Large windows facing the sea or the forest and a light-filled house are the main features of this design style. The combination of white and blue is one of the most important features of beach style design. Coastal style home decoration design is usually used in the northern cities of Iran or Kish Island, and we rarely see this style of design in other regions of Iran.

11- Scandinavian interior design style

The main feature of Scandinavian style home decoration is the use of simplicity and cleanliness in the designer’s thinking. In this style, the emphasis is on clean performance and away from any luxury, with the main feature of the window frame with arched inscriptions. In Scandinavian design, a combination of white and gray colors is usually used, and carpets, but with a modern and simple design, are used in the arrangement of furniture. Scandinavian style design is one of the most popular types of modern interior design style.

12- Urban modern interior design style

It is one of the most popular types of modern interior design style, which can be called the most common modern interior design style in Iran. The flat roof and the absence of luxurious and busy plastering, as well as the interior lighting of the building by halogen, are the most important features of this style. Home decoration design in modern urban style can be called the least expensive type of interior design. On the other hand, the use of simple and modern furniture is one of the main characteristics of this decoration design style.

13-Bohemian interior design style

Bohemian interior design style can be called the most free style of interior design, so that at first glance, the arrangement seems chaotic and irrelevant. But after the passage of time, we will gradually realize the meaningful connection between decorative elements and furniture and its arrangement. Gypsy-style interior design, as the name suggests, is derived from the styles of Latino gypsies. In this type of home decoration design, comfort and peace are the first words.

14-Industrial interior design style

The most important feature of this style is the display of building materials. For example, most of the interior designers try to cover the cooling and heating facilities such as air ducts and ceiling fans using a false ceiling so that it remains hidden from people. Industrial style interior design deliberately displays equipment and materials. Of course, this style of design is usually popular in New York City, America, and it is not in harmony with the taste of Iranians. Of course, nowadays this style is used in restaurant decoration design, which has its own charm.

15- Classic interior design style

Home decoration design in classic style never goes out of fashion. The relaxing combination of colors and the use of cream and white tones and simple plasters can be used for any taste. The arrangement of furniture and furnishings in the classic style should be regular and the use of curved lines and wood and stone materials, especially the stone fireplace, is one of the most important features of the classic interior design. The peace of the residents due to the order in the arrangement can be called the most important achievement of classical home decoration.

The implementation principles of Simorgh Construction Group in designing the interior decoration of the house with 3d design software house simulation software are as follows: for example, in the 3D design of the reception decoration, the designer first takes a look at the status of the project and consults with the client and extracts the dimensions and sizes. It is based on 3d design house and so-called house design. The 3D design file is sent to the client in the photo format, and after correcting and applying the client’s comments, the final interior design file is attached as a primary reference in the contract form.

It is natural that most of the professional home design and building facade designers design the final design of the interior decoration of the house in such a way that newer and more creative ideas can be applied in the home design during the physical progress of the work. Therefore, minor differences in the initial design of the interior decoration of the house and execution are unavoidable.

best home design 3d software

3d design software house of the building due to ease in consulting and design close to reality, as well as applying the taste of respected employers in house design and converting 2D architectural maps such as plans with dimensions and sizes into photos or videos, as well as easier choice of color and The material is used in interior design. By using the latest 3D design software, Simorgh construction group provides the desired design with the desired quality and very close to reality as soon as possible. In the future, the client will bring his plan closer to implementation with the advice of Simorgh construction group designers.

The final plans are turned into executive plans and are provided to the executive team of Simorgh Construction Group. The main advantage of providing the 3D plan before implementation to the client is the final visualization of the interior design of the house and the design of the house, as well as the estimate of the cost of implementing the plan. The three-dimensional design of the building generally includes the design of three different spaces of the building, each of which has its own characteristics:

1- 3D design of home interior decoration

3D design of home decoration is done with the aim of recording decorative ideas and with real and practical scale. For example, a person has decided to renovate his house. With the initial consultation with the expert and the interior designer, he reviews the initial ideas in his mind, but he cannot implement the actual visualization of what is going to be built in his mind. 3d design house software of home decoration gives people the ability to see the final design of what is going to be implemented.

From the color and type of material and decorative elements to the arrangement of furniture, all can be displayed in home design 3d software. Also, if a person intends to use parquet for the floor of his house and is hesitant in choosing the design and color, by using the 3D building design software, you can easily model all the color ranges suitable for the style of interior design and home furniture. And from this point of view, a person can easily make a purchase. 3d modeling house software of the building is very useful even in the arrangement of home furniture and the selection of dimensions and sizes.

2- 3D design of building area

one of the most important applications of 3D modeling software is in building landscaping. The three-dimensional design of the area, which is called landscape design, is one of the main branches of three-dimensional building design using simulation software. Placement of trees and green space, as well as designing an outdoor pool, building and installing pavilions, as well as lighting the area from the simulation and executive scaling of the area is one of the applications of 3D design software. In many cases, if 3D design software is not used to design the area, the final design will have problems with what is visualized in the client’s mind due to the tolerances of the building. This problem has been observed especially in the issue of parking lot. Provision of parking has certain rules that if not followed, car parking or car circulation will be problematic.

3- 3D design of building facade

In newly built buildings, 3d house plan software of the building facade must be done before obtaining a building permit. Due to the sensitivities of the municipalities in urban development, if the 3D design of the facade of the building or the implementation of the brick facade is not the same as what has been implemented, the completion of the project will not be awarded.

The first way: design with design software such as Rhino 3D, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Revit, Sketchup, Lumion, Archicad, Blender, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Modo, Houdini, etc.

The second way: is to have a 3D scanner, so that by scanning an object, you can design it and save it on your computer or transfer it to a 3D printer without having design knowledge.

Usually, designing with modeling software makes the work easier and we can model all kinds of designs in the shortest time and finally execute them. In most of the projects that are designed by the modeling team, the period of 30 to 90 days will be waiting for them. so that as a result the quality of the obtained output is ideal.

You have different tools and programs to do 3D designs. If you want to have 3D designers with high-quality renderings, I recommend using the software introduced at the end of the article.

But if you want 3D models in physical form, you have to scan your product with the help of 3D scans so that 3D printers can print the designs for you at the end.

With the help of free 3D home design software, we can easily design all kinds of 3D building designs with the highest quality.

3D home design software provides you with everything you need for 3D home designs or 3D plans. There are many software for your designs, we have mentioned some of them above and we have shared explanations about 3D software for you.

In order to show off the interior decoration and facade of the building, various software for mobile phones and desktops have been designed and launched on the architectural market, which we have mentioned in the following section about the types of free 3D home design software.

The role of best 3d home design software in interior decoration

3D home design is one of the art disciplines that was created to increase the quality of life in interior spaces. If a house or building is well designed in 3D and interior decoration by the specialists of this field, we have a more beautiful space and the comfort of the residents, but these specialists need various tools to do their work, one of which is It is a free 3D home design software.

Free 3D home design software makes the work process faster and smarter, and for this reason, the new generation of designers take advantage of this tool.

3d design house and interior decoration software is a type of computer-aided design software that helps architects, interior designers, and even space owners to create and preview their own design implementations to show their customers their visions for a specific project.

Free 3D design and interior design software are highly trusted for functionality, speed, and customization capabilities when working on free 3d home design online. We can choose our own 3D design software based on spatial planning, the priorities of a 2D or 3D image, a map on the ground, and many other design tools that will help us make the final design for decoration. Create our own space inside.

Free 3D home design software and interior decoration in 3D home design usually starts with classified maps. which includes 360-degree renderings of the 3d design for house of the house and the desired space, which changes the appearance of each room, interior decoration elements such as furniture and virtual appliances, and changes the colors, textures, and light designs of the room and space.

Free 3D home software basically visualizes and designs the interior decoration of the space virtually before construction and implementation, and we can make any changes we want in the interior space before implementation.

Each 3D house software targets different needs and choosing the best one for us depends on many factors such as cost, compatibility with other programs and the time we are willing to spend on the drawing process. It also depends on where we are in the design process, we probably all start with drawing on paper and then move to architectural software. We even need 3D graphic design software to depict our own ideas and design process.

This is where free 3D design and interior decoration software really show themselves and allow architects to not only design their vision simply and easily, but also edit, delete and add at will. In addition, for more serious projects, we can also include engineering information to ensure that our structures are viable in the real world.

Architecture software, 3D design and interior decoration have become a necessity in the modern markets of Europe and America. We can also use the world-class architecture software in Europe and America to look at the workflow and project management tasks, some of which can be easily transferred to another program.

Free 3D design and interior decoration software is primarily used to help home buyers imagine what life would be like in a particular home. However, these software can be used by architects who want to provide clients with a realistic view of their home during the design process, or by real estate agents or home staging professionals who want to help buyers visualize themselves in their new home. It can also help anyone looking to redecorate or renovate to play with interior decoration elements such as colors, furniture and fixtures using detailed dimensions and designs.

The free 3D design and interior decoration software allows users to create rooms or the layout and interior decoration of the entire house using a simple design tool. Then they can place doors, windows and interior decoration and create realistic 3D visualizations of any space. Most software allow editing and allow users to draw objects and even walls and doors to see the change of space before their eyes. This is useful for remodelers who want to see what a room would look like by removing or adding a wall or a set of new doors or windows. Most software offers sharing options so that multiple users can collaborate on the same project.

The free software for 3D design and interior decoration and their knowledge helps architects, engineers and interior designers to do their work in the best and most professional way by choosing the right software and achieve higher quality as a designer. Internal rendering of the body.

Despite the large number of free 3D design software in the world, perhaps we can consider software such as AutoCAD, View, 3D Max, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Lumion and Rhino as the most widely used and best free 3D building and interior decoration software in the world. Of course, due to various reasons, the popularity and use of these software may be different in different countries.

According to the techradar website, the ranking of design and interior decoration software is as follows:

1. best house plan software, 3DS Max

3D Max software is one of the best 3D design and interior decoration software. This software is used to draw the plan of the intended space and make it three-dimensional, and to make the final image natural, lighting and materialization, the V-Ray plugin should be used. This software is compatible with other interior design software such as AutoCAD and Rhino. It is completely compatible.

Among the most important features of the 3D Max software, we can mention the following:

  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Direct connection with AutoCAD software
  • The presence of powerful plugins in terms of modeling and rendering

2. best free 3d home design software, Civil 3D

This software is excellent, with good and efficient relationships to help civil and urban engineers, architects and technicians of this profession in relation to BIM information modeling and professional documentation of executive project plans. From this software, we can use this software in all stages of a construction project, such as design, coordination, analysis of project performance, checking options, etc., in most useful civil and urban projects, such as planning and implementing transportation systems. It is used in a very advanced and developed way and water resources engineering.

3. best home design 3d software, AutoCAD

AutoCAD software is the basis of all architectural software and makes learning other software easier and is one of the most important and widely used 3D home design software in Europe. This software is used to create 2D maps that are in plan and cross-section as well as for It is used to show architectural details with high accuracy.

Among the important features of AutoCAD:

  • Ability to draw two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps
  • Very high user interface when working
  • High quality printing and processing for phase 1 and phase 2 maps
  • Full management on layers
  • Making layout and sheeting for big projects
  • Compatibility with Persian language by scribe fonts

4. best home design 3d, Revit

One of the most powerful and newest architectural engineering software and 3D home design software in America and Europe is construction and facilities, and many people call this software 4D because in addition to doing drawing work such as modeling, financial management, project cost and time It also checks its classification.

The software is all in one 2D and 3D projects that produces the entire output of the project including modeling, rendering and 2D construction documents. Instead of lines and circles, we can use walls, ceilings, beams, columns, and other building components, as well as real-world physical building features such as windows and doors.

The features of View software include:

  • simultaneous drawing of 2D and 3D maps
  • Detailed drawing of phase 2 maps
  • The possibility of doing a group of people on a project at the same time
  • The possibility of simultaneous communication between structure, facility and architecture maps
  • Calculation of building meters
  • Output compatible with AutoCAD and Max for rendering

5. best free 3d house modeling software, Rhino

Rhino software mainly has the features of 3D Max, with the difference that it is faster and lighter than 3D Max. This software has more powerful 3D rendering capabilities than 3D Max, but its weakness compared to 3D Max is that ready-made models and objects are not created for it.

Important features of Rhino:

– Making two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensionalization of complex forms

– Has a V-ray plugin

– High speed compared to other interior design software

– Ability to create animation

6. best 3d home design software free, Sketch up

Sketchup software is also one of the best free 3D home design and interior decoration software that we can use. The Sketchup software is very fast and the V-ray plugin is also easily installed on it, but it is mainly used for fast and market designs. In addition, SketchUp does not have the ability to create complex forms as much as Rhino Vetri D Max, but it is a suitable option for creating simple forms that are needed by most consulting engineers. One of the disadvantages of this software is that we cannot create animations on its platform. It allows the user to create 3D designs quickly and easily. This software is one of the easiest software to understand, but its simplicity means that it has limited rendering capabilities.

However, it is still a powerful program for conveying basic ideas and also offers a huge library of components, especially for interior architecture. Each object, surface, and material has its own unique texture, which is definitely an advantage. Its biggest pro to date remains its user-friendly interface.

Sketchup software: the most important features

  • Making quick two-dimensional drawings and quick three-dimensionalization of simple forms
  • Has dozens of functional plugins
  • Ability to install V-ray plugin

7. best 3d home design plugin,V-RAY

This software is the best in 3D home design and interior decoration, for real visualization. This is a plugin that turns Sketch Up and ArchiCAD into a good rendering. The cleanest textures, darkest darks, and brightest whites are the most accurate representation of real-world conditions. If the goal is to place customers in the spaces we design in a convincing style, V Ray will be the best option. Its extensive library of materials and resources offers a variety of options in realistic lights, surfaces and textures to take interior design and decoration to the next level.

8. Photoshop software

It may be a bit strange that Photoshop is mentioned in the ranking of architecture software. There is no doubt that among graphic software, Photoshop software is the most widely used and best design software, but the use of this unique software is not limited to graphic works. We may not be able to say that Photoshop is among the best and most widely used architectural software, but it is unfair not to assign a place to this popular software in the ranking of architectural software. These days, the use of Photoshop in architecture is not rare at all, and this software has a special place among architecture and interior design and decoration companies.

9. best free 3d home design software, Lumion

It is the only software and plugin that depicts the quality of renderings. Lumion is very useful in times of stress. When you are short on time, you can easily model the model in one of the free 3D home design software and quickly render it in Lumion.

When you want to make an animation but you don’t have enough time to make it in 3DMAX or MAYA software, Lumion software will do it in the shortest time.

An important feature of Lumion software

  • Compatibility with software such as 3DMAX and AUTOCAD makes it easier for designers
  • It has many objects that have motion, which makes the design and animation work faster.
  • It has a lot of material and ease of work in material making
  • Very simple and attractive environment
  • Super speed in doing the project

10. best software to design a house, Archicad

Archicode software is a practical tool for architects, designers, construction engineers and executives. ArchiCAD is a 3D design software with a proven track record in Building Information Modeling (BIM) that handles the design and preparation of construction drawings well and facilitates collaboration between teams of architects and engineers.

Advantages of Archicad software

  • It is easy to get started and learn the basics of ArchiCAD software and it is a popular software for architecture students.
  • Archicad software is suitable for all kinds of small and large architectural projects.
  • Archicode software is suitable for all kinds of projects, including residential buildings, public buildings, urban lighting design, landscape and green space design, interior design, facade design, etc.
  • Archicad software covers all stages of architectural projects; From initial design to modeling, rendering, information analysis and cost estimation, drawing maps and final sheeting.
  • The tool for controlling the view and rotation of the model (Navigator) works well in ArchiCAD and even in large and heavy projects, the model can be controlled well.

11. best house architecture software, Blender

Blender software is a set of free and open source 3D computer graphics software for creating animations, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D programs, virtual reality and Computer games are used. Blender’s features include 3D modeling, UV exposure, texture, raster graphic editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, animation, Motion graphics, rendering, motion graphics, video editing and compositing are mentioned.

Who can use Blender?

Blender has extensive resources that make it ideal for almost any type of media output. Used by individuals and studios around the world for amateur projects, commercials and feature films.

12. best free 3d house modeling software, Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D software is a 3D home design software, animation, motion graphics and 3D rendering program developed by MAXON Computer GmbH in Germany. This program is capable of polygon modeling, sub-modeling, animation, lighting, texture, rendering, and common features that exist in most modeling programs.

Cinema 4D software is designed so that professionals and beginners can use it. Getting started with this program is easy to understand thanks to its logical interface and easy operation. In addition, its user interface is designed intuitively. This feature optimizes the power of the operating system in the first moment. You can also customize your Workspace and arrange the tools you need in the way you want.

On top of that, Cinema 4D has been nearly flawless to date. All new functions and features of this app are tested by beta testers as well as rigorous QA.

13. best home design 3d software, Zbrush

ZBrush is the most professional and powerful software for 3D sculpting and is often used for 3D character design, animation and sculpting, and jewelry design. ZBrush software has become a powerful tool for artists and animators by integrating painting, materializing and 2D and 3D modeling technologies. Before the advent of ZBrush, artists had to create their desired objects using other software and complicated methods that made the work very difficult. It was difficult and time-consuming. ZBrush software follows the same pattern of traditional clay sculpting that is so familiar and pleasing to artists. It also allows users to draw, squeeze, crush, and make any changes to the digital clay they like; Just like they did with real clay.

14. best free 3d home design software, Modo

The Foundry Modo software is one of the best and most powerful software in the field of 3D modeling of the house, Modo software is used in the fields of 3D painting, animation, movies, games, etc. Modo modeling software is one of the softwares that works specifically on modeling and has had positive changes in each version. The Foundry Modo software has texturing and animating capabilities, but it is much more powerful in modeling. Modo software is a package of modeling, sculpting, 3D painting, animation and rendering. The Foundry Modo software is developed by Luxology and also has features like n-goons and edge weighting.

15. best free 3d home design software, Houdini

Sidefx Houdini software is one of the software for making animations, special effects, and it is also used for 3D simulation. What is Houdini Engine? Houdini Engine allows Houdini software technology and technologies to be used simultaneously and seamlessly in any program.

last word

By using these interior design and decoration software, we can easily design the space we want, the best thing about these software is that we can use the interior decoration components in a classified manner to decorate different parts of the space.

Some of the best software for interior design and decoration are:

best software to design a house, Foyer Neo

This interior design software is a boon for designers, homeowners and real estate investors who want to transform properties. Professional interior designers have a set of powerful design tools at their disposal to create the most stunning interior designs

It is one of our top choices. What makes this design software so great is its ease of learning and use. The user interface is very simple and anyone who is remotely interested in interior design can use it. The design technology is very sophisticated and supports 3D image, 3D view, room layout creation, building materials and color selection, space planning, etc. among its various features.

With the help of free 3D home design software, you can design your dream homes. Of course, only software cannot answer you dear ones. You should have a successful and experienced architect by your side to help you step by step in designing your dream house.

With the help of free 3D design software, you can prepare all kinds of 3D models with high detail and excellent quality and print the model with the help of 3D printers.

In the above section, we have mentioned a variety of free 3D design software.

We cannot say that 3D modeling is hard. If you are a beginner, I must say that you will be a little impatient and tired.

But if you are a professional, I must say that modeling is one of the most interesting jobs that you can do with the help of 3D design software.

Beginners in this field should design and draw photos with the help of 3D design software. But professionals with photos along with modeling software and accuracy and design can do 3D design in the shortest time.

In the above section, the software related to 3D design has been shared in full for you dear ones.

Only having professional computers cannot help you in 3D house designs. Rendering computers along with design software can help you in 3D designs.

In the upper part, all the 3D design software are placed for you so that you can make the most of them.

Yes, there are various software for phones and desktops, which have been introduced in the above section of the 3D design software for you dear ones.

home design 3d app +20 home interior design applications


Download 20 3d software for house design (Android and iOS)

Not only the people working in the field of interior design, but the majority of people enjoy the layout of the house and the best design and house design program. In this article, we will introduce 20 of the 3d home design software free, and we will also provide you with the download link for interior design and home layout software. Interior decoration design software helps experts and beginners to create their favorite arrangement easily and within a few minutes.

Home renovation and house design is an important and big issue. These works can cost as much as several hundred thousand tomans and a few hours of time, and sometimes, they can cost several million and take months to implement. For people who are interested in this field and need to practice for their future job of becoming an interior designer, the home interior design application is very practical and suitable for them. Of course, it should be said that other people can also use these applications for entertainment or to get ideas for changing the decoration of their home.

20 3d software for house design

In the following, we will introduce 20 home interior decoration design software.
3d home design – AutoCAD Mobile
3D home design software – uMake
free 3d home design software –

1. best 3d home design software, house Design 3D app

This program helps you to design your home with accurate tools. Also, this is a very practical program and can help many professionals in giving different solutions and designs. Of course, it is not as professional as AutoCAD, but it does the design work well.

So if you are looking for a home interior design app for Android and iOS, this app is for you. This application has auto save options for 1 hour and keep full features in the same 1 hour; But when the time expires, the option to save project properties is lost.

2. best 3d home design software free, Floor Plan Creator

Exactly as its name suggests, Floor Plan Creator is an application that allows you to design different floor plans on your Android platform. It is one of the most accurate and best apps and it also has great features. The home interior design application provides you with predefined room shapes for design; But you can also design your desired plan from scratch.

It also has different models of doors, windows and furniture and you can save a photo of your final design on your mobile.

3. best free 3d house modeling software, Houzz

Are you looking for design ideas for your new home? Houzz is one of the best apps for getting great ideas. Anyone can design a home, but personalizing your interior design is what makes your home feel like home. Houzz is one of the best home remodeling apps out there, and if you’re looking to renovate your home, it has almost every aspect of the process covered. Also, there are over 7 million high resolution photos of already built homes that you can use as a template.

4. best home design 3d, Home Design Outdoor

home design 3d app This particular app allows you to design your home space and gardens. Creating a project in this great program is very simple. In just a few steps, you will be able to build your dream project without spending any money.

One of the most important things we can do with the help of this program is 3D garden design or 3d home designs or villa design.

This home interior design app offers an ergonomic user experience and is very easy to use. Building fences, marking different areas of the yard and even inside the house are available in the program. One of the best aspects of the program is that it allows you to design in 2D and 3D. The app also presents gardens in full 3D graphics.

5. best home design 3d software, The best Homestyler Interior Design program

3d house modeling free is one of the most creative apps in the list of house design apps for Android and iOS. This beginner interior design software allows you to decorate your home virtually and in a very attractive way. Take a photo of your room you want to design and place high quality 3D furniture models in it. The 3D feature allows you to see the design and decoration easily in your living room. Visualizing different combinations in your room without even getting up from your sofa is a great feeling.

6. best house plan software, Design Home interior decoration program

home design 3d app Design Home is one of the most popular entertainment and home design apps. You can design thousands of different houses and enjoy doing it, and you can also draw the space of the room and the outside of your house in 2D or 3D.

Then you design your space with different furniture and decorative items. This program has more than 1000 different devices. You can also edit objects to change their shape to fit the space. This will help you decide whether that L-shaped sofa is suitable for your home or not. You can also use the home layout software offline.

7. best free 3d home design software, Homify

Homify is one of the newest home design apps and a source of ideas for home renovation projects. The app has a library of over 1.5 million photos of various interior and exterior designs where you can save your favorites, view the latest home design trends, and more. In this app, you can even see home decorations, interior designs, or designs by other professionals recommended to you. In addition, you can save various decorative items for later use. This app is completely free to download without in-app purchases.

8. best free 3d home design software, Pinterest app


home design 3d app Pinterest is another home design and home improvement app. This program basically contains different ideas in different design topics.

These home design ideas include architecture ideas, furniture ideas and more. Many of the decoration design photos that you see in virtual spaces are designed with this program. In addition, the user interface of the program is very good and easy to work with. Home layout software is also completely free to use.

9. best software to design a house, Planner 5D

Planner 5D

home design 3d app Planner 5D is one of the great programs for renovating and changing the decoration of the home, which is a bit similar to the Home Design 3D app. Here you can draw your rooms in 2D and 3D in this program. Then you can design it with furniture, decorative items and other items.

The app also includes support for offline use, viewing various design catalogs, and more. You can save your designs to your mobile, iPad or laptop and share it with your friends. Various features of this program allow you to design in a specific room in your home.

You can also use this program in the field of kitchen design, children’s room, bathroom design, bedroom design and office design.

10. best house architecture software, Hutch

Hutch is described by its creators as a “virtual dressing room for your home,” and it really is. Take photos of your home, upload them and wait for the rendered version without furniture to start designing your room. Then choose the style you like, place the furniture you need and evaluate the result.

Hutch app

This is the best way to assess your home interior design wishes and make the design process flawless. Sometimes a professional image scan takes up to 24 hours from the final design; But you will never regret doing it!

11. best 3d home design software, SketchUp

SketchUp is the most comprehensive free 3D design software you’ll find on the web. This powerful home design tool is rich enough to feel like you’re walking through your future home, while flexible enough to feel like you’re working with pen and paper.


The free version of the top home decoration app is great for hobbyists, while the pro version is more suitable for professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, and commercial interior design. Whether you’re building a house, a treehouse, or conceptualizing for the first time in Grand Designs, the precision of this software will help you bring every aspect of your design to life.

12. best 3d home design software free, Floor planner

The best 3d home design software Floorplanner allows you to design and decorate your space in 2D and 3D, which can be done online without the need to download software. While its interior decoration function is a great feature, the strength of this tool lies in its function as a mapper.

Then, after completing the floor plan, you can change the view and decorate the space in simple 3d home design software. It’s simple to use and the top home decor app is easy to come by, so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require learning, Floorplanner is a good choice.

13. best free 3d house modeling software, SmartDraw

SmartDraw is another powerful tool in the world of home planning. It’s easy enough to learn so no one is put off using it, while it’s advanced enough to facilitate complex designs for more advanced designers.

With an endless collection of furniture, cars, building materials, and thousands of templates and floor plan samples, this top home decoration app lets you explore an infinite number of possible designs and layouts for your new space.

The only downside to this home layout software is that it’s only free for the first seven days, so if you plan to use it for a long time or for multiple projects, it might be worth upgrading.

14. best home design 3d, HomeByMe

he HomeByMe app is one of our favorite home design tools. As far as we can tell, it’s truly free throughout, and so are all of its features. How it works This is a top home decor app where brands add their products to its catalog, meaning you’ll be using real products to decorate and decorate your home.

The benefits of this are that you can plan your design all the way through and have access to the actual furniture and decor that you used to create your space. Like Planner 5D, you can switch from 2D to 3D once you’ve finished your floor plan and designed the look and feel of each room.

Or, you can start with the decor and hit ‘Summary’ and the software will create a floor plan with all your furniture and accessories in the right places.

15. best home design 3d software, Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

There’s a lot to love about Roomstyler. Like HomeByMe, it’s very easy to use. In fact, it’s so intuitive that there’s almost no need for a video tutorial, which is another plus for this software. Of all the home design tools, this one has a video tutorial for every question you might have about it.

The biggest advantage of this software is that you can create a custom room in minutes. The app also allows you to furnish your space using products from real brands, meaning you’ll decorate your designs with items you can buy when you’re ready to make your design a reality.

16. best house plan software, Room Planner

home design 3d app Do you want to build your dream home? Room Planner decoration program designs your dream. Thanks to this application, you can take a photo of a space, for example, the empty space of the living room, and then apply changes to that photo with 3D models.

For example, put sofas, chairs and flooring from different brands on it and compare the color changes on the door and wall. Room Planner has designed a powerful user environment for this task so that you can easily and quickly get the results of your work.

The good thing about Room Planner is that the measurements are realistic and accurate. In addition, if you have made a model in 3ds Max software, you can transfer it to this decoration program, which is one of its attractive features.

17. best free 3d home design software, Qubism

home design 3d app Qubism is a 3D modeling program that aims to provide a simple 3d home design tactile modeling environment where you can manipulate the shape of “qubes”, what the program calls its geometric building blocks. Although the toolset is narrowly focused on a few types of deformation, Qubism is more than capable of sculpting simple 3d home design and fast geometries once you get the hang of how the program works.

The interface is less intuitive and polished than some of the other apps on the list, but the free price tag provides a low barrier to entry for those willing to give it a try. Just keep in mind that if you decide to transfer your model to your PC, you can have the DAE or JSON output file.

18. best free 3d home design software,

home design 3d app is a 3d home design programs that aims to be a simple 3d home design tool for anyone to create their own 3D designs. Aimed at enabling teachers and trainers to teach people the basic concepts of 3d modeling software house design, this app allows you to place, resize and color different shapes to create a larger model.

The app has a very similar look and feel to Qubism, but with a slightly more modern interface that adds a web-hosted gallery where users can share their models with others. The average score of this program is 3.8 stars for Android.

19. best software to design a house, uMake

home design 3d app The one app that always seems to make the list of 3D design apps is uMake. Maybe it’s because it has a unique approach to modeling (touch input).

Although you mainly use 2D sketches to shape 3D shapes, the experience somehow feels more like 2D design with added dimensions rather than traditional parametric modeling with planes and sketches. It is difficult to explain in words. You just have to try it yourself.

A nice bonus with uMake is that you can see your home 3d designs in reality. You can literally send your supercar concept onto a live video view of your garage to see if it fits.

However, a warning; Perhaps because of the way the interface is designed, uMake naturally invites the creation of organic shapes, even though it’s not a sculpting tool per se. It is more suitable for conceptual work and visualization rather than physical construction with 3D printing.

Although you can export the 3D files you design with uMake to more sophisticated software like Fusion 360 and Meshmixer. Import options point to a more design-oriented (as opposed to production-oriented) goal.

For example, Photoshop, Procreate, Sketchbook and other popular 2D design programs are among the supported import sources. This may indicate the intention of the developers to make the uMake app for artists who work primarily with 2D designs and visualizations.

20. best house architecture software, AutoCAD Mobile

home design 3d app This popular DWG viewer and editor is a solid choice for architectural or BIM-related tasks. Just keep in mind that you won’t be using this if you’re interested in making something for a 3D printer.

Under the free plan, the mobile version of AutoCAD can be used to view and share DWG files, while the two subscription plans, Premium and Ultimate, offer additional editing and storage space, respectively. That said, if you already have an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT subscription, all Premium features are already available to you.

Despite all of this, we’re almost obligated to mention AutoCAD because of its notoriety in the 3D design space. It’s in a completely different category than the other programs listed here, but at least now you won’t mistake it for a 3D modeling option for your printing needs.

final word

In this article, we introduced 15 home design software, each of which has its own unique features and tips. You can install one or more of the above home layout software and enjoy them. We will also be happy to share your comments and suggestions in this regard with the Plaza team and the dear readers of this article.

With a few simple clicks, you can get a 3D home design for free. In the above section, we have provided explanations on how to get a 3D home design for you dear ones.

In the first step, we must master 3D design software to implement the 3D design of the house in principle. In the next step, we should prepare our creativity to create suitable 3D designs so that we don’t have problems in 3D design.

The cost of 3D house design depends on the quality and size of the land to provide the 3D home design price list.

Yes. To be able to have this software for free, you can download the software and start 3D design.

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